2015 INTERSCHUTZ, Germany



Day 1 Blog by Steffen Schwarz


On the way from the church to the Expo one of the team-cars was involved in a heavy road traffic collision. We are thankful that nobody got seriously injured. This brought up a major delay, but fortunately the second car made it on time to the Expo, so that the booth was prepared & staffed by the time the expo started.


A lot of visitors were amazed there is something like Firefighters For Christ/Christliche Feuerwehrvereinigung (German name of our group) and that there are Christians in the Fire Service in Germany!


The team had plenty of opportunities to talk with people. Some of them were really positive and receptive, but also some of the people didn’t like the idea of Christians in the Fire Service.


The team gave away 300 New Testaments on the first day. Some deeper conversations began because of this. People started to think about what they heard. Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in these people!


The interest from people from all over the world is really high! The team had visitors from South Korea, France, Africa, etc. Please pray for the interactions of the team members with people from foreign countries with their different cultures etc. and that Jesus will lead them.


Another big topic the team presents is “Ethics in the Fire Service”. It is about leadership ethics based on the Gospel & the Ten Commandments. Two of our members wrote a book on this topic, which will be also presented by the publisher at the Expo. This topic opens more doors to the Fire Service Leadership in German speaking countries. The team got a lot of positive feedback about the necessity of this topic!


The team experienced spiritual opposition and warfare on the first day. Please pray for them and the next days of the Expo! Your prayers are vital for the team!

Thank you for our support!




Steffen Schwarz is holding a newly published New Testament and Psalms, specifically designed for German firefighters.Fresh off the press, Steffen was so blessed to load these boxes of New Testaments in his car.Steffen's daughter is so happy to finally be holding the German New Testament and Psalms her daddy believed the Lord would provide. Firefighters For Christ rejoices with our German brothers and sisters that God's vision to Steffen is now a reality!\This team picture was taken before the Expo began. A professional company designed & produced the booth. This, too, was another wonderful provision from the Lord! One of the booth walls has Psalm 50​:​15​: ​"​Call on me in the day of trouble and I will rescue you and you will give Me glory." It is designed in the same way as the ​G​erman Fire ​S​ervice Emergency Call-Sign, with the scripture underneath it. The cross you see on the picture is​ built​​​ out of the ​G​erman New Testament. One of our members made a construction to place the New Testaments in the shape of the cross on it.  <>1 - 7


Day 2, Expo INTERSCHUTZ Germany


Today was a great day at the expo. The booth was packed with visitors throughout the day and we had great conversations and were able to personally give away New Testaments. The feedback we got today was all positive. Again, we had a lot of international visitors at the booth and it was a blessing to be able to give away FFC-CD's in many languages as well as tracts and FFC-New Testaments.


Today many ​board and committee​ members from the Fire Services showed up at the booth and the team were able to introduce the work and ministry of ​Christliche Feuerwehrvereinigung and Firefighters ​F​or Christ to them.


Please pray for the many visitors which heard the gospel for the first time today and that Jesus continues in their lives what HE began today at the booth. We also had muslim visitors at the booth. Keep them also in your prayers!


After the expo, the team is exhausted in every way. Please pray for strength and wisdom!


Attached are two pictures from today.


Thank you for all your prayers and support!




  <>2 - 2


Day 3, Expo INTERSCHUTZ Germany


Day 3 continued how Day 2 ended with us having plenty of visitors and very good conversations.


We gave away a total of ~1000 New Testaments over those three days. Most of the visitors are amazed that there is a group of Christians within the Fire Service and that they are bold enough to present their faith in Jesus Christ publicly at the Expo.


Today large groups from Austria visited our booth. We are thankful for all those opportunities to share our faith. We are also thankful for the support of the local church we stay at and the prayer support from all over the world. Part of the team headed home today and some new guys arrived to fill their spots.


I attach two pictures. One shows Bernd & Andreas, our German leadership team. The other one shows Bernd & Daniel who authored the "Ethics in the Fire Service" book with Jochen Thorns, from the publisher of the Book. The book opens a lot of doors to talk to Fire Service leaders about our faith, as the book is based on the Gospel & ten commandments.


Thank you for all your prayers!!




  <>2 - 2


Day 4, Expo INTERSCHUTZ Germany


We had another full day at the Expo, giving away personally 500 more New Testaments to our visitors.


We want to share two stories with you: A young couple stopped at the booth. He told us that he is an atheist and that he doesn’t want a New Testament. So we talked about our project “Ethics in the Fire Service“ and I explained the concept to him. Both got so excited about what they heard that both of them wanted a New Testament before leaving our booth! Jesus is touching people’s hearts!


Daniel from Switzerland had a similar experience. First the person rejected the New Testament. A minute later he turned around and told Daniel that he changed his mind and that he wanted a New Testament.


Thank you for all your prayers! Your prayers are vital to our team! We feel and experience your prayers!


Running the booth at the expo is quite exhausting. We even rotate the team throughout the day, we still are tired at the end of the day. With Friday and Saturday we face the two busiest days of the Expo! Please pray for strength and joy to share our faith in Jesus Christ!


Again, "Thank you!"


Day 5, Expo INTERSCHUTZ Germany


Today was another busy day and we continued like the days before. We had great conversations with people from all different ranks and Fire Departments.


Today a lot of people came directly to our booth, because they heard from someone else about our ministry.


We are thankful that we closed the day with a great dinner, provided from Jette & Dietmar, two members of the church we stay at. It was good to sit down after a long day and just relax and to enjoy the great food. We enjoyed the evening and fellowship with our brother & sister in Christ and realized again what a privilege it is to get supported & prayed for by this church the City of Hildesheim.


On Saturday we expect a lot of volunteer firefighters at the Expo. Please pray for all conversations and the people we will meet on our last day. Please also pray for us as we disassemble the booth at the end of the day before some travel back home on Saturday night (the rest leaves on Sunday morning).


Please pray also for Bernd, our President. His car is a total loss after the car accident on Monday.Yesterday and today was no time to take pictures.... Jesus first! :)