As you read, you will see he lived his life for Jesus, was a bold witness to those firefighters he loved and worked with, and lived out his faith to the very end. With permission from LB Arson Investigator Tye (who wrote the email below) and Ben, we are posting this email and pray it encourages you as you serve Jesus.


Please continue to pray for Captain Rosa’s family, friends and fellow firefighters in this very difficult season.



EMAIL FROM TYE (07/04/18):

Good Evening, I am an Arson Investigator for the Long Beach Fire Department. I have been a member of FFC since 2004, when I was hired as a firefighter. I just wanted to share my story with you in regards to last week’s senseless murder of my friend, Captain Dave Rosa.


Dave went to work on Sunday, June 24th, 2018, just like any of us would have, and did, on that day. But this story starts earlier in the morning before the call for the explosion at 600 E. 4th Street where Dave was murdered.


Dave and his crew from Midtown (Engine 10) responded to a possible "Full Arrest," along with their Rescue. It was like any other routine Full Arrest. Dave and his guys went in and did their job. At the end of their all-hands-on-deck attempt to save this person's life, Jesus had decided to take that person home.


Feeling a bit dejected, Dave's Engineer (Ben) was amazed at the response of the family members. They seemed elated...almost celebratory! Ben was a bit confused, but then again, it was also the third run after midnight. Once the crew was back on the rig, As Ben pulled away from the scene, he made mention of the family's response to the passing of their loved one over the head-set and asked an open ended question, "Does anyone else find that weird about the family's happiness at the death of their loved one?"


As Dave would, he paused, considered the question and then responded to Ben. Dave explained that maybe the family knew that their loved one who died knew Jesus and that they were excited for them to be in His presence, and in paradise. Dave had no problem sharing his faith. He seemed to seize every opportunity that God gave him to share His good news, whether it was one-on-one after their shift, or at 2 a.m. over the head-sets while sitting on the rig. That was Dave Rosa!


This story came out after completing the official LODD interview with Ben. He continued and told me Dave explained that later that morning, (Monday, 6/25) LBFD – FFC was going to host our meeting for the first time in our new Union Hall. Dave said he had never been to a meeting before but he was going to go for his first time. He then asked Ben if he wanted to go with him, which was going to happen at 0800 hours. Shortly after that conversation, Engine 10 was dispatched to 600 E. 4th Street on a First Alarm assignment for a High-Rise fire involving an explosion.


While on Div 2 with his crew and Engine 2, Dave announced that he was going to walk the hallway to check for further damage. As he approached the west stairwell, he encountered a male subject. After a brief conversation, Dave leaned out the blown-out hallway window and asked the Med group set up below to come up and pick up a possible patient. As Dave leaned back in and the RIC group stepped into the stairwell, the very male patient thought to be in need of rescue fired 2 shots at Dave, fatally injuring him.


Dave was pronounced while on the O.R. table at St. Mary’s Hospital. This is a tough a pill to swallow for the Fire Service. This isn’t suppose to happen, not like this… The irony is so great, I cannot wrap the mind around it. As firemen, we have all come to grips with the inherent dangers of the job and one day, may pay with our life in the line of duty… But on this day, Dave entered that building to do his job, willing to give up his own life to save another, only to have it taken by the one he was so willing to give it up for.


My silver lining: I knew Dave’s heart and I know where he is today. That is the hope I know I can lean on as I press on. Jesus brought Dave home that day. “Well done my good and faithful servant!” As for us, we have more work to do.


Please pray for the Rosa Family. Please pray for our Fire Family and those affected by this tragedy. And please pray for Ben, as I continue to water the seed that was planted by Dave.



Tye Johnson

Email about Captain David Rosa