FFC Haiti Team Blog Written Wednesday, June 25, 2014:


We landed safely. The airport is now nice and neat, no longer messy and unorganized. Sunday we enjoyed a church service at Port au Prince Christian Fellowship. The girls and John went to Bill and Suzette Manassero’s, the founders of Child Hope, for a traditional Haitian lunch. After lunch, Ronnie drove the girls, John and SonSon around to check out apartments for SonSon to rent.


We arrived at the Tlucek residence (Maranatha Children’s Ministries) and settled in. The house is sleeping the 11 Tluceks, 10 interns, our 9, and 2 dogs — not to mention the working staff of drivers, cooks, and the night guard, which makes 30 and counting!


That evening after a delicious dinner of pizza, we planned for camp. Attendance this week is 80 including the house staff, the women from the children's home and about 26 boys ranging from 12 to 30. We are teaching English, Science, Bible and PE.


In the morning we make breakfast and have an assembly. We sign songs, read a Bible verse and act out a Bible story. So far this week we learned about Samuel being called in the night, the Tower of Babel, Daniel and the writing on the wall and tomorrow is Pharaoh and the plagues.


Lizzie has been teaching English diligently this week to a variety of learning levels. Sammy has floated through team leading, kitchen patrol and working in the orphanage. Micaela has been teaching Bible the last two days and helping in the kitchen. Kendall has been our orphanage expert but also helped in the kitchen today and acted in the Bible skits. Thursday Kendall will help with PE. Maria taught science the first day but has been going out with John for medical missions and firefighter supplies. Aimee has been in the kitchen and teaching science. Hunter has been heading up the teaching of the Bible classes. Jeff teaches boys PE and is also a team leader. John has taught Bible and has been going around Port au Prince with Ronnie and SonSon preaching the gospel and witnessing miracles.


Praise reports:


On Sunday, the team went to a Haitian church and John spoke. Children between the ages of 6-12 asked Jesus into their hearts.


On the first day we were here the team was able to distribute firefighting clothes to firefighters in Carrefour. While there we asked the principle of the school to speak to their students. An invitation was given to receive Jesus. 95% of the class stood acknowledging that they prayed to accept Jesus. The Lord knows for sure.


We had a fire in the yard where we were. The firefighters were able to use the fire engine we gave them to extinguish the fire. We said our good byes. The total time we were there was an exact hour! This was our first hour in Haiti and so much happened!


On the 1st day of camp six junior counselors prayed to receive Christ into the hearts! Praise The Lord!


A Haitian woman with a very large cyst on her head went with Maria and John to the clinic and in the 11th hour had a successful surgery!


No one has contracted Chikungunya Fever!


Little Johnley (6), one of the orphans that are fostered at the orphanage and Isabella (7), the Tluceks youngest, both accepted Jesus into their hearts. John asked them if they had Jesus in their hearts. Johnley said he would do it tomorrow and Isabella said she would do it when she was older. John said that they couldn't wait till tomorrow because you don't know what will happen. They both accepted Jesus and wrote the date down. Johnley comes to John daily to talk about his decision. He is asking very deep spiritual questions: "What is God like? What is Satan like?" and the next day he retains the information John shared.


Prayer requests:


Protect us from Chikungunya virus. A young woman named Hope, who is working at MCM this summer, is still dealing with joint pains after quite a few weeks. Please pray for her complete healing!


We have two days left of camp. Please pray for salvation and discipleship. (Thursday 4 teen boys and 3 girls received Jesus into their lives.)


John speaks again Sunday morning at the same Haitian church Ronnie attends. Please pray for the hearts of the congregation to be open to the Lord.


Pray for Karl Armbrust and his son, Lucas, who arrive in PAP on Friday. Their desire is to encourage the Carrefour firefighters to live their lives for Jesus as they train them in firefighting techniques.


We love you thank you for your prayers!


The Team :)


FFC Ministry to Carrefour, Tabarre, & Port Au Prince, Haiti