FFC Ministry In San Ignacio and Santa Rosalia, Mexico


We were able to train over forty firefighters from San Ignacio and Santa Rosalia. We spent three days with both departments. Santa Rosalia has a cadet program with some of the firefighters nine years old. Their equipment is in pretty bad shape, with what little they have. Their engine is still running on gasoline.


San Ignacio just started their department two weeks ago. They have absolutely nothing in the shape of equipment. The government did supply them with a small pump and about a 1000 feet of hose with 2 nozzles. They have ten personnel as of now and are in dire need of a 4X4, Type 3 engine. We were able to supply them with some brush gear and some turnouts. We were short two helmets though.


They were receptive when we presented the Word of God. They kept saying we were sent there as a part of God's plan. They opened their arms to us on the very first day. They really want us to come back for more training. We are looking forward to building more relationships.


When we go back in November, we could use someone who is dialed in auto extrication. We will be doing some training on auto x, wildland and some basics for San Ignacio. There will also be a special fire muster for the cadets.


Let's be praying for the salvation of these firefighters and that they will receive the equipment they need to fight fire.

San Ignacio & Santa Rosalia Fire Department’s

Needs List


     Type III or Type I Engine – Type III due to the terrain in San Ignacio

     4 wheel ATV – Also due to the terrain in San Ignacio

     Brush Gear

     Brush Helmets

     Brush Gloves

     Fire Shelters

     Practice Fire Shelters

     Brush, Small Diameter Hose Clamps

     Brush, Smooth Bore Wildland Tips / Wildland Nozzles

     Wildland Hand Tools / Pulaski’s, Shovels, McClouds

     Wildland Hose Packs

     Air Packs & Bottles

     Structure Helmets

     Structure Gloves

     Structure Boots

     Long Pry Bars



     Pike Poles


     Foam / Class A & B

     1 ½ inch and 1 ¾ inch hose / Wildland Hose

     Rescue Equipment / Hardware & Software – Webbing

     Rescue Rope


     High-lift Jack System