President's Letter


March 2017


Dear Firefighters For Christ,


Please forgive me for not carrying my end of the load by not writing the President’s letter for the past 11 months. On Valentine's Day one year ago, I received a blow to my inner being that left me quite empty. However, my God is faithful to fill our broken hearts with His song. A short time ago I spent an entire day worshiping JESUS with HIS music. It was amazing how God filled me with His comfort and peace.


For those of you who do not know, I will fill you in.


On Saturday, February 6, 2016, our FFC team returned from the Philippines. We saw miracles beyond words as firefighters gave their lives to JESUS on the last day of training. On Monday when Jane and I were together, she told me she had a sharp pain in her stomach. I prayed for her, and then we enjoyed our time of being together. The pain continued all week so on Sunday, Valentine's Day, I took her to the emergency room. After a scan and short wait, an internal specialist came down from the main hospital to tell us what they had found. He told us they saw a large cancerous mass on her pancreas which had spread to her liver, her lungs, and in her stomach, there were too many tumors to count. I looked at Jane. She had her beautiful radiant smile on her face that reflected total peace, the total peace of JESUS, her Savior and Lord. I asked the doctor,”What do we do?” He told me to take her home and call hospice. I asked, “What are we looking at?” He said,”You should have her maybe two weeks.”


Even after that news, Jane was still radiant. The Dictionary defines radiant both as “an expression of love, confidence or happiness, and vividly bright and shining; glowing.” The ER doctor witnessed her reaction and said, "I've been doing this for thirty-one years, and I've never met a woman like you.” The presence of JESUS was radiating from her. HALLELUJAH!! I took her home that day, and God graciously gave me three weeks and five days with her before HE took her home.


During the last week before she went to be with HIM, I needed help caring for her so I could get some sleep. On her last day, the young man who was helping me was sitting on one side of her bed, and I was kneeling next to her on the other side. When I saw her lips moving, I knew she was praying for the salvation of this young man. I changed the conversation we were having and asked him if he had an assurance of where he would spend eternity. He said,”No, I don’t.” I shared with him how he could know for sure. He then prayed and asked JESUS to come into his heart. Jane looked up and silently clapped her hands before the Lord.


Later in the day, Jane told me, “The Lord has clearly revealed to me you are going to see the glory of God in these coming days like you have never seen before.” Her words were prophetic


as I have been witnessing HIS mighty miracles and HIS power these last 11 months. I know I'm going to see much, much more, and then I will see Jesus and Jane face-to-face. HALLELUJAH!!!


Some of her very last words were, “John, I want to go be with JESUS.” I told her I released her, but I wasn't really sure I meant it because I wanted JESUS to heal her. During the night she went into a coma. I knelt beside her until 1:20 that afternoon when the Lord took her home.


Jane’s name means "God's gracious gift.” What a gift she was to me! God gave her to me for forty-two years, and then HE took her home as HE had planned before HE created the foundations of the earth.


Please be praying with us as we train firefighters in Mexico, make trips to Haiti, and then back again to the Philippines to train in Mindanao. Also, the FFC retreat at HUME LAKE is March 30 through April 2. We still have some private housing available. If you would like to attend, contact me at 949–533–4008. God blessed a one-day FFC marriage seminar last Saturday. We are praising God He brought two more people into His kingdom. GOD bless you and yours much.


Your brother in Jesus,