Firefighters For Christ Chaplaincy

Firefighters For Christ’s first Chaplain was founder and president John White.  He made himself available across the globe to any firefighter at any time for help and spiritual support.  Whether it was stopping in at a firehouse for coffee and stories, visiting a firefighter in the hospital, or traveling across the Nation to comfort and pray with firefighters after 9/11, he is an example of what our Chaplain program is today.

The FFC Chaplaincy program is a volunteer, non- denominational, group of trained Chaplains to provide help for those in need of emotional and spiritual guidance, encouragement and support. Our role is first and foremost one of presence and caring. Our faith in Jesus Christ shows us how to come alongside someone who is having difficulties navigating circumstances of life. We are motivated by the love Jesus Christ has for each one of us, and we desire to extend His love and grace to all.

Our Chaplain Services include, but are not limited to:
•Invocations, benedictions, special presentations, etc.
•Visiting sick or injured firefighters and families
•Providing care during bereavement situations
•Help with CISM and peer support functions
•Assist Fire Departments and firefighters when requested
•Provide a presence at incidents and disasters
•Be available to talk with firefighters in confidence, when needed

We are aware that many fire departments and agencies don’t have a Chaplain program, and our desire is to be available for those departments and their personnel when needed.

To request a Firefighters For Christ Chaplain, please fill out the request form or call the number provided.   One of our volunteer Chaplains will contact you as soon as possible.  
This is a free service to those we serve.  

USA  805 796-4757
Europe 00 49 170 8907799

Chaplain Request

Is God calling you to be a Chaplain?

If God has given you a desire to be a Chaplain with FFC, please prayerfully consider the following.

An FFC Chaplain’s duties may include:

•Invocations, benedictions, special presentations, etc. for official ceremonies
•Visiting sick or injured firefighters and families
•Providing care during bereavement situations
•Helping with peer support functions
•Assisting Fire Departments when requested
•Providing a presence at incidents and disasters
•Attendance and support to FFC chapters
•Participation on training and ERT missions’ trips
•Building relationships and support for other Chaplain organizations

FFC Chaplains are to be solidly grounded in God’s Word. They should have good communication and interpersonal skills, and be comfortable praying, one on one or when asked for a public event. If available, they may be requested to travel on ERT and Training missions. They should be a supporter of our Chapters and our Chapter Leaders.  

If you believe God is calling you to this ministry and would like further information on the recommended training, or you have questions, please fill out the inquiry form and a member will be in touch.  

God bless you,

Inquiry Form