FFC Intl Store

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Matthew 6:21

FFC Business Cards

Business Card orders are directly purchased from our supplier.

1. Customer fills out business card details they want displayed on their card. 
2.  Customer chooses Option 1 or Option 2 
OPTION 1: OPTION 1: For cards printed and shipped by FFC (State Quantity in order form)  
Qty  _ 125 cards: $125 plus tax & shipping
Qty  _ 250 cards: $158 plus tax & shipping
Qty  _ 500 cards: $165 plus tax & shipping
Qty  _ 1,000 cards $170 plus tax & shipping


OPTION 2: For digital High Resolution & Printable file (Will be emailed to you) -$25

3. Customer  completes contact and shipping information
4. The order form is emailed directly to the Business Card vendor.
5. Based on items selected, the vendor emails a PayPal invoice to the customer.
6. When the customer pays the invoice via the vendors PayPal link, the order is filled and shipped by vendor.