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Code Life

The Code is a fantastic twelve-point honour code manual for practical Christian living. Reading it could radically change your life! A rule of life for men that helps them to stay gripped and focussed on living a full on, uncompromised Jesus centred life, in company with others. It is the heart of the developing Codelife movement. Original material from Christian Vision for Men (CVM) used with their permission.

This can be used in large, small or virtual groups. Watch the video or present it live by one of your own team. Then split into small groups of approx six, this allows everyone to participate, too large a group for discussion will not enable everyone to share.

The Code
i Jesus is my Captain, Brother, Rescuer and Friend.

ii I owe everything to Him. I will do anything for Him.

iii I will unashamedly make Him known through my actions and words.

iv I will not cheat in anything, personal or professional.

v I will look away from the gutter, but be prepared to pull people out of it.

vi I will keep my body fit and free from any addictions.

vii I will put the welfare of those closest to me before my own welfare.

viii I will treat all men and women as brothers and sisters.

ix I will lead as He would lead. I will honour my leaders provided this also honours Him. I will follow Him in company with my sisters      and brothers.

x I will use my strength to protect the weak and stand against the abuse of power.

xi I will protect the world that God has made.

xii If I fail I will not give up. He never gives up on me.

Steve Wood FFC Orange County
Firefighters for Christ, Orange County Chapter with the support and assistance from Christian Vision for Men (CVM), Ireland and Firefighters for Christ Northern Ireland Chapter are utilizing the 12 study Codelife Series also known as Fight Club.  The 12 rounds that make up this fight are to support, and provide tools for active and retired members fighting for what matters most (wife, family, integrity, spiritual warfare, foundation and devotion that are just a few examples).   The support provided in these rounds are to move one from connection to a relationship!  We will all be in your corner as you learn to speak strength and wisdom to fight for what matters most, but you must be in the fight and learn from each round as we unlock the code for you!  Share what you learn in each round and coach, support and come alongside all those fighting for what matters most in their lives.  Our goal is to disciple men who will go on to disciple men who will go on to disciple men.
Brad Hirst FFC Orange County
CODE LIFE: I have just completed a 12-week series geared at getting men back into God’s Word. Through the eyes of a different presenter each week, we looked at various aspects of the life of Jesus Christ in order to re-discover the truest form of masculinity. The best way I can describe Code Life is: It is like a mid-week re-charge for your spiritual life. Your battery may be low going in. But you come out feeling re-charged by God’s Word and the inspiration of your brothers in Christ. The presentation on each of the 12 Codes is only about 15 minutes followed by break-out sessions (4-6 men/ 40 minutes to discuss and pray together). We wrap up by hearing from a couple of guys from the larger group and a closing prayer.  You wouldn’t expect your mobile phone to make it through the week without charging it. Plug your heart into the power of the God’s Word and some great fellowship for an hour a week. You won’t regret it!
Rick Goulet FFC San Diego
This is an outstanding series that equips the man of God for life’s daily battle.
Jesus our Captain, Brother, Rescuer, and friend is the first Code. What a great encouragement and foundation. The study picks up momentum from there.
The 12 topics (Codes) are practical, relevant, and thought provoking. They will challenge the man of God to be His ambassadors.  

Coming Soon - 12 short videos for discussion groups from Orange County Chapter (first two loaded below, remainder to follow as they progress through the Code)

CODE I Foundation
Jesus is my Captain, Brother, Rescuer and Friend.

Jesus Christ, our Captain, Brother, Rescuer and Friend brings us vision, identity and purpose, and a foundation to our faith and friendship with Him. As you use this codelife resource, spend time to reflect on the Bible verses provided and work through the questions honestly. Our hope and aim with these resources here at CVM is that you find challenge, support and passion from cultivating a regular time of communication with Jesus. In building this relationship, you will know Jesus more and more and the power that is at work for you today.
CODE II Devotion
I owe everything to Him. I will do anything for Him.

Knowing that we are saved and that we have this gift of new life and forgiveness of sins means that we are getting new orders on what our lives are going to be like.  In this study we are exploring the overwhelming cost that was paid for our freedom and the responses we make to it.  Get ready to be challenged about stuff we often avoid, because following the most radical life giver will mean that we need to brace ourselves for some inspiring orders from the King!
CODE III Witness
I will unashamedly make Him known through my actions and words.

Life is like a boxing match, defeat is declared  not when you fail or fall but when you refuse to stand up. Keep standing up, stay in the fight we're in your corner.

Courage, owning your own story, along with the importance of your actions and words.