Firefighters For Christ in Mesa, Arizona

Chapter History

In January, 2011, Firefighters for Christ Mesa was re-established as a local chapter of Firefighters for Christ International to encourage and meet the spiritual needs of firefighters in Mesa and the east valley area of the Phoenix metro region.

Our desire is to encourage our firefighters, EMS personnel and other emergency responders to engage and become involved in the chapter.  We feel it is very important for us all to connect and encourage one another and families on an ongoing basis for healthy spiritual and mental health.  We know that Jesus pours abundant life and power over us, His children, and we want to share this message with love to our brothers and sisters and everyone in our emergency service environment.

Please  complete the form below or call for our meeting times and location and we will add you to the chapter email list.

Joe Meier (602) 370-0637 or Mike Brown (602) 524-3825

Our meetings are on the second Thursday and Friday of the month at Fire Station 220 community room.
85205, 32 S 58th St, Mesa, AZ 85206

If you are interested in being involved in Mesa, AZ Chapter or would like some information (when and where we meet) we'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started.