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I was hired in 1988 with the City of Surrey as a firefighter. I knew of no other Christians and after a couple years on the job I was contemplating quitting as I was taking a lot of abuse for being a Christian. A family friend asked if I would be interested in attending a Bible study with other Christian firefighters from another local Department. I attended a meeting & was so encouraged as I heard the stories of other firefighters experiences, We prayed for one another & I walked away that night standing tall again in my faith & knowing that this was where God wanted me. The group had no connection to FFC.
As the years went on I started to find that there other Christians on the job & invited them out to the study. Soon there were more Surrey Firefighters than any other department. We ended up starting our own group locally. We called ourselves “The Brothers”

As the years went on we heard about Firefighters for Christ, talked about it, but never did anything more. In 2001, I had the opportunity to go to New York and attend several funerals fallen Firefighters. On the Sunday of my stay, I decided to attend Brooklyn Tabernacle & that is where God gave me a divine appointment. I entered the Church and was asked if I would like to sit with some other Firefighters. When I sat down several guys introduced themselves followed by they were with Firefighters for Christ. John White was one of the firefighters. I ended up spending the rest of the day with him and travelling to various Firehouses praying with the families who had lost loved ones.
Night to Remember Event
Mission Possible 2009 Northern Ireland
We have just added Jonathan as a Chapter Leader & I am blessed to have this young Man of God step up. Our prayers have always been to see young solid Christians hired in the Fire Service so that they can continue to shine the Light of Jesus Christ. God has been faithful to answer our prayers & I praise God for His faithfulness. My desire is that young Christian Firefighters will never experience what I experienced when I was hired. That they would know that there are like-minded believers on the job and that they can stand tall in their faith as a Firefighter, not compromising their testimony, but rather being a light that people our drawn to. We want to encourage them in their faith, letting them know that God has placed them where they are for the purpose “to glorify Him!” We can easily fall into a rut in life and just go to work to receive a pay check. Life is short, and as the Psalmist wrote, our life is like a spark in the fire, soon to disappear as it rises up. We want to see a sense of urgency in our hearts and & a love for those around us, as we keep eternity on the tip of our conscious.

I went back home & explained to our group that I had a Divine Appointment and we needed to be part of Firefighters for Christ. I believe we became an official Chapter in 2002. Since then we have valued the family hosting many family BBQ’s, in 2008 we hosted 3 FDNY Firefighters & hosted an event called “A Night to Remember”. As well, we hosted a World Police & Fire Games FFC BBQ, inviting out participants. We have also hosted John White over the years, putting on a couples night.
John White visit
Colombia 2015
Firefighters for Christ is such a valuable ministry as it is & has been such an encouragement to me as I walk my faith journey. There is accountability through FFC and that keeps us focused and driven in the position God has placed us. Also, prayer is a huge part of our chapter and of FFC. Having Brothers & Sisters from around the world stand with us in prayer is such a blessing, but also a testimony of the unity of the Family of God. It is such a encouragement!.

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