Ventura County California

Firefighters For Christ in Ventura County California

Chapter History

The Ventura chapter of Firefighters For Christ started many years ago.  It has been involved with small groups meeting at coffee shops,  in the Union office, and restaurants throughout the county.  
We have assisted in a variety of projects over the years including fuel reduction at a Teen Challenge facility to upgrading a home for a needy person.  We travelled to Mazatlán Mexico on a mission's trip along with some of our families.  We worked with a local pastor on some of the church's outreaches.  We were blessed to take part in many ministries, like handing out the Samaritan's Purse Christmas shoe boxes to the children in a small community, gave haircuts and shampoos along with many shoes to those living at the city dump and reroofed a home for a grandmother and her grandkids.

Some of the long-time members of Firefighters For Christ who have led this chapter are, Bob "Hoppy" Mumford, Brenden "Rip" Ripley, Mike Lindbery, Gabe Aubert, Pat Stilson, Greg Payne, Bob Ameche and the current leader Brian Kremer.

During our chapter meetings, we have met with the local coffee shop owner, Police officers, local ambulance employees and people walking by and asking for prayer.   We always leave a meeting encouraged.

Brian Kremer, Gabe Aubert and Greg Payne stop for a picture after one of the monthly chapter meetings.
Dave Kromka and Brian Kremer assist in a construction job for a local resident.  This trip came after a training mission in Baja California.  Some of the members went back down to help on projects at the Christian Camp and a neighboring village.   What a blessing!
Dan Rodriguez LA City and Dave Kromka Ventura County, giving instruction on High Lift Jack to Mission Team training for Uganda Training Mission during MP15 in Northern Ireland

Bob Ameche, Pat Stilson and John White

Several our members have responded on ETR deployments to Japan, Haiti, and many tornados and hurricanes in the US.  We highly recommend these mission trips to everyone.  If you get the opportunity to go, GO!
Members from the chapter worked in a medical triage clinic across the street from the Haitian Presidential Palace after the earthquake.
Brian Kremer, Pat Stilson, Gary Young and Nate LaRusso are pictured during a training mission in the Country of Panama.
Members from our chapter have assisted on FFC training trips to Mexico, Baja, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and the Philippines. 
Philippines 2019
Our chapter assisted the International in purchasing a Type 3 fire engine for $1 from the City of Fillmore Fire Chief.  The fire engine was loaded on a ship in Florida and sailed to Haiti.   It was given to the Carrefour fire dept where FFC International spent time with the local firefighters over many of our trips there.
John White is handing a dollar bill to Fillmore City Fire Chief Rigo Landeros for the purchase of a retired fire engine.
Fire Chief Rigo Landeros, Joe Lindaman, Pat Stilson and John White are in the picture.

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